Senior drivers

South Carolina car insurance quotes and happy Senior driversThere will come a day when you have to talk to your parents about their driving and perhaps even ask them to give up their license and keys. Maybe that day is already here.  If it isn’t, one day it will be and it is a conversation you should not be afraid to have.

The truth is that senior drivers account for more accidents than other age groups. Period.

As much as we don’t want to admit it, aging brings with it a slowing of reflexes and responses that can put us at risk while on the road.  It is imperative to respond quickly in a road emergency—if someone cuts you off, stops short or does some other stupid thing. But as we age we just don’t have the ability to respond that quickly and all the denial in the world won’t change it.

Enter a mature driver course. Offered by AARP and the National Safety Council, mature driving courses are not only good refresher courses but can provide older drivers with techniques to help them remain safe on the road longer. The added bonus is that seniors who take such a course may be offered a discount when they get Carolina car insurance quotes from

Our world today is super-distracting. In the best of cases it is difficult to deal with them but the reduced ability to focus that comes with aging makes it even harder. Older drivers should turn off their cell phones when they get behind the wheel so they don’t feel obligated to answer the phone. Under no circumstances should they tweet, email, text or post on social media while at the wheel, either.  The entire focus of any driver should be on the road and that is even more important with older drivers.

As the offspring of older drivers, one way you can help is to be the one doing the driving when you are together, especially if you see that their driving isn’t as attentive as it should be.  If you are preparing to have a talk with your older parent about their driving, it is a good idea to enlist the help of his or her physician. Not only do you want to keep your parent safe but you want to keep others safe from an accident your parent might cause. Taking the keys away is hard but sometimes it must be done.