Key Facts About California Car Insurance Quotes

Facts About California Car Insurance QuotesThere are a lot of companies offering California car insurance quotes. Each one will offer different discounts and services to entice shoppers to choose them from the crowd. No matter which insurance company you finally choose, there are some facts about car insurance in California that apply to every policy and driver:

Some Coverage Is Mandatory

When you receive California car insurance quotes from, you’ll see many different types of insurance coverage listed. Some of them are mandatory; some are not. The base coverage required to legally drive an automobile in California is the same for everyone, and it’s quite low. You must have $5,000 of insurance that covers damage you do to other people’s property, $15,000 in liability insurance for bodily injury you cause to another person, and $30,000 in liability insurance to cover the injuries or death of more than one person in an accident.

It’s important to understand that these amounts do not apply to the holder of the insurance. You are not insured for damage to your own property, or for medical treatment you need because you have been in an accident. This minimum standard of insurance is strictly for damage you do to other people and their possessions. You won’t be able to register your car to drive in California if you do not have this bare minimum coverage in place first.

The DMV and Your Insurance Companies Are Best Friends

If you’re shopping around for California car insurance quotes, you should always give accurate information to your insurance agent. Every car insurance company in California electronically reports your policy information to the Department of Motor Vehicles. They are also legally obliged to immediately notify the department when your car insurance policy expires without renewal or is cancelled for any reason. If your car insurance policy isn’t in force for 45 days, the DMV will automatically suspend your registration, and you could be arrested simply for driving your car. Always assume that whatever information you supply to the DMV or your insurance company is immediately available to both of them.

Don’t Worry About Your Credit Score

If you move to California from another state, you might be unpleasantly surprised at how expensive the California car insurance quotes you receive are compared to what you’re accustomed to paying. One pleasant surprise might be that insurance companies in California aren’t allowed to use your credit score to determine your premiums.

Good Driver Discounts Are Written Into Law

California has a Good Driver Discount law that makes it mandatory for all insurance companies to give you a 20 percent discount if you have a clean driving record for the preceding three years. Your California car insurance quotes from here could have additional discount offers, but the good driver discount is always available.

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